The hallmark of the Labour government: pillage

Under Robert Abela, the Labour Party has sold the narrative that the Joseph Muscat administration was muddled by several unscrupulous individuals like Keith Schembri. Now, a new leaf has been turned, the past has been buried and we are moving forward with the best governance possible while the government helps ordinary people in times of crisis. However, this is as far from the truth as I am to getting appointed the next Pope. In reality, the actual opposite is happening as the Labour Party consolidates its corrupt networks, covers up the crimes of others and pillages the country. Hyperbolic? Let’s give some examples.

One of the ongoing cover-ups is the disaster at ONE. The cover-up of the corruption, money laundering and embezzlement of irregular donations given to both major political parties over the years is now imploding as both parties’ media arms face irrecoverable debts. The Labour Party is deliberately trying to cover up its situation by bringing in the coal-miners to fix the job while placing top Party officials in strategic government positions to avoid paying its debts.  ONE has served its purpose well as a means to burn irregular donations of contractors who get government permits and free stuff and government tenders. The problem is that the Labour Party has failed to make its TV station and propaganda arm sustainable, despite subsidising it with millions of Euros of irregular and illicit donations over the years. Just think about it. They can’t even properly run a heavily subsidised media company and the company has debts which are irrecoverable, yet these people run the government and the country. Crazy stuff.

Then there is the constant nepotism and corruption which starts from the Prime Minister’s office but is rampant across all ministries and state agencies which as a result are turning into literal restaurants and cafeterias. The corruption and the gross over-spending on privileges and idiotic schemes are shameless and in your face. Labour stalwarts have free and unchecked access to government funds, and all public land is available and up for grabs. Previous corrupt acts are becoming regularised too and those who stole public land in the past are going to get to keep it for free while the government subsidises their electricity bills. Meanwhile, they keep ruining more of what is left with incredibly dumb projects.

Behind the facade, there isn’t even a vision for the country or a plan. There is a fraudulent text called the 1000 Idea Manifesto replete with fantasies discordant with reality: such as improving the environment or supporting agriculture. Or the Green Energy idea when Malta loses millions of Euros over corruption contracts while Enemalta is bankrupt.

It’s going to be very difficult for the Labour Party and Robert Abela to sustain their fraudulent narrative without a strong propaganda arm and this is why it is in their interest that ONE survives and the washing machine keeps turning. The fact that they can’t sustain ONE anymore is a testament to the fact that the rent-seeking regime itself is facing serious threats and the cracks are growing. This is all good for those who aspire for a better country and a decent government. It’s going to be great when the whole corrupt system implodes and Malta gets a new government which starts rebuilding the country with a modern and long-term vision.

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