The unemployable criminal suspect, Frank Fabri has been rehabilitated

Only good governance by Robert Abela. The best in Europe as he likes to say.

The unemployable criminal suspect, Francis (Frank) Fabri has been rehabilitated as ITS general manager thanks to his patron, Robert Abela. Frank supported Robert Abela’s leadership bid, betting, of course, conveniently on Joseph Muscat’s bid. Justyne Caruana too had been rehabilitated as a government lawyer. Governing for Robert Abela is only a matter of appearances not of ethics, let alone about producing tangible results.

Frank lost his permanent secretary grade after resigning for the Bogdanovich scandal and now, he has been rehabilitated with an appointment of a lower grade. For a particular moment, Frank Fabri was in line to be appointed as the head of the civil service, on Varist’s suggestion and strong lobbying. He didn’t make it because he was corrupt and totally incompetent to the extent that he approved and signed Justyne Caruana’s corrupt contracts. A robot bureaucrat who could talk books but crawled around the office of its master like a sluggish prostitute, leaving a trail of slime everywhere it went.  Frank did nothing productive and helpful. He just squirmed. He was loathed by almost everyone: the unions, the technocrats, the bureaucrats, the staff, the teachers, the officials and the cleaners too. But Varist loved him because he was the veritable teacher’s pet.

There was another guy who got suggested by Varist and that’s the current Minister of Finances Clyde Caruana. Clyde Caruana was the head of Malta’s employment agency when Malta imported high numbers of foreign workers to fill the demand for low-paid jobs. This was during the same time when the government employed thousands of people doing unproductive jobs, also on very low wages.

They’re all geniuses these teachers’ pets.

New dawn, new day, and a new institution for Frank Fabri to fuck up.


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