Malta’s fascists of the 1930s

Lovin Malta published an article quoting my paper without bothering to give the source. Kind of rude.

The article is riddled with mistakes and apparently, some Nationalist sympathisers have taken on to Facebook saying that my paper is “left-wing revisionism”. Surprising that the paper sources official British documents and information gathered by the British intelligence services. Many of them are still telling us to “respect the Queen” and even to build a monument for her, yet disagree with the monarchy’s assessment on security issues.

Nationalist sympathisers seem to excel in believing myths and dogmas, and maybe that’s why many of them still go to Church and oppose abortion. I would say, doing a bit of reading instead of praying may be a better use of their time.

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  1. what does going to church and apposing abortion , has to do with this case ? we are really in the end of days , before the second coming that is what is writen in the scriptures , that good we be made look like bad and bad will be made look like it is good , its is so sad to watch this unfolding 🙁

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