Josep Borrell is delusional and unfit for purpose

Josep Borrell

Josep Borrell the EU Foreign Policy chief is a delusional imbecile. He was just on Sky News saying that he doesn’t know how the war in Ukraine could end. Borrell’s message is an implicit admission that he and other top EU officials are not betting on Ukraine winning the war and it is also the reason why the European elite are reluctant to send heavy weapons, tanks and planes to Ukraine. Ukraine can win the war if it has the right equipment but the European elite are still appeasing Putin while believing in the delusional idea that Europe can co-exist with Russia’s Putin.

Joseph Borrell got appointed to the European Commission after Pedro Sanchez betrayed his socialist colleagues, backed down from his bid to get Frans Timmermans appointed Commissioner and compromised with the conservatives by having his Spanish candidate appointed commissioner. Borrell was given the foreign policy portfolio which back then was considered peripheral. Today, the foreign policy portfolio is more important than ever but in its office, we have a delusional idiot who can’t understand the world, placed there simply as a result of petty-EU politics.

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