Enter Muscat’s men

I have written various times about the corrupt cesspit which keeps the Labour Party’s propaganda TV station alive. Now, that ONE’s debts are exceedingly high, and probably unrecoverable, Robert Abela has begun to panic. His solution apparently, is to bring in one of Joseph Muscat’s most trusted men to fix the problem. It’s hilarious for me how Robert Abela still naively thinks that Muscat’s men have this aura of being super-competent and capable of doing everything. They can surely be capable of hiding lots of corruption, though as well. If you need to dig deep dirt, you better get the hard coal miners in.

ONE is one of Malta’s biggest problems today, feeding Mata’s most uneducated segment of the population with misinformation, fake news and lies on a daily basis. It is also an institution integral to the process of money laundering of political donations which helps sustain Malta’s rent-seeking regime and widespread corruption. ONE is basically a cesspit of some of the worst elements of our society. So, no surprise that it is chaired by Jason Micallef and its daily faces are frauds like Alfred Å»ammit and Karl Stagno-Navarra.

I have no doubt that as Robert Abela panics, he will consider going to the Nationalist Party which also has the same problem with their propaganda channel, to agree together to forgo their debts with the government. It’s going to make for a good show as the Minister of Finances slams his fist on the table while telling us that he will fund his mega government spending spree from our taxes.

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