The genius Maltese policy on illegal immigration

Loujin Ahmed Nasif, the Syrian girl who died at sea in Maltese waters.

Here is how institutional racism plays out in Europe. We give Russians who support the war and who may also be a security threat to Europe, tourist visas, while ordinary Syrians don’t have the possibility to apply for any form of visa and can only travel to Europe illegally. Russians get this privilege because they are white and Russian, apparently a unique and privileged nationality. Maybe Assad should have paid off European politicians and academics like Putin did so that European nations may have kept their embassies in Syria open. What is the difference in the nature of the crimes between Assad and Putin as both of them massacre hundreds of thousands of people?

Then, there is the genius Maltese policy on immigration where we refuse to save boatloads of immigrants in our waters, resulting in inevitable migrant deaths, but on the other hand, we import thousands of men from Asian countries such as India and Nepal for slave labour.

On the other hand, according to the Minister of the Economy, the problem is because the European Union does not show solidarity with Malta as it does with Ukraine, and it’s not because Malta has a skewed immigration policy.


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