Minister of the Economy says that the EU prefers Ukraine and victimises Malta

When at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine I argued that our government is going to ruin what we have left of our international reputation, some accused me of hyperbole. Well, what can I say? Here’s some idiotic and loony hyperbole by the corrupt Minister of the Economy, Silvio Schembri saying that the EU shows more solidarity with Ukraine than it does with Malta over boatloads of immigrants crossing the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe.

Thanks to Joseph Muscat and his friends, Malta has built an international reputation for political corruption and financial crime where criminal belligerents who murdered a journalist still roam free. Robert Abela has destroyed what was left of our international reputation by pure idiocy and, crass opportunism such as when he defended selling Maltese passports to Russians while Russia was committing genocide in the East of Ukraine. Then the Labour government went on to destroy our reputation in Europe by opposing any sanctions on Russia. This sordid and stupid behaviour, encouraged also by a Minister of Foreign Affairs who became an expert by watching the news, has left Malta with little or no friends at all.

Malta’s only allies and friends in Europe thanks to Labour are Macron’s socialist clique which basically includes the Italian socialists (not in government) and Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain whose poll ratings have crashed and is expected to be replaced by the conservatives come next elections. Oh, then there is Chine which owns our oil-powered power station and as much as half of our electricity grid. There aren’t others. That’s it.

These total idiots have left Malta with no friends in Europe, yet they keep digging further into their hole of absolute stupidity. They never admit they are the ones who are wrong: it’s the whole world that is wrong about them.

It’s going to take a lot of years to repair Malta’s international reputation. One of the ways we can repair our international reputation is by having Roberta Metsola as our Prime Minister – that would be a truly great turn of events in our country where we can potentially build back our country from the ruins that Labour is leaving it.

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