Idiocracy abound

Total Idiot

You couldn’t make this stuff up. It’s the stuff of pure comedy gold, but it’s done, instead by unwitting idiots who mostly lived with their mothers until they took over the government.

First, the government releases a legal notice which will allow establishments in Valletta to play music until 1 am.

The residents protest against this new rule, effected arbitrarily and without previous notice, but the mayor of Valletta, Alfred Zammit, who owns a restaurant in Valletta tells the residents that it is going to be ok because the noise levels won’t be that high, after all.

The sister-in-law of the Prime Minister, Alison Zerafa Civelli, also an MP, tells Valletta residents that they were ashamed of living in Valletta before Labour turned it into a party zone, and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Aaron Farrugia, tells the residents that if they want good sleep, they should buy a farmhouse.

Eventually, tourists who visit and stay in Valletta, end up so annoyed with the daily noise that they ask the hotel for a refund because they couldn’t even sleep at night.

Prosit Ministru.

They are ruining our towns, our living standards and quality of life, tourism and many other things. Then, consider the bigger and more critical aspects of government: finance, energy, security, rule-of-law, and the economy. Yes, it’s mostly a mess.

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