Anton Camilleri and the Labour Connection

Anton Camilleri of Garnet Investments

I had forgotten that Anton Camilleri, the applicant who is applying to build an apartment complex in one of the last green spaces in Santa Luċija, was always awarded a public alleyway by the government for the total price of €134,000.

So, it comes as no surprise that Anton Camilleri would use the Labour Party’s deputy leader for his building applications. Contractors who do, all bet that their applications will get approved. Their first preference is usually Robert Musumeci, the corrupt government consultant who wrote the latest planning laws under Joseph Muscat, but given that Musumeci is inundated with clients who are Labour Party donors, other Labour architects have enough work from the same type of client.

How about we get to know from the Labourt Party how many donations Anton Camilleri made to the Labour Party? Not that we would ever find out and the question is only rhetorical. Of course, he did. They all do. They are even asked to.

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