Total contempt for the press

In his new legislature, Prime Minister Robert Abela will be repeating his same modus operandi with regard to the press: total contempt. The reason why Robert Abela can go to the Labour Party’s radio station and spread fake news and false information, such as the illusory 8.5% economic growth rate, is that Robert Abela refuses to give interviews to the press – unless it’s Saviour Balzan of course, who is subsidised by the government and acts accordingly.

Robert Abela is not just a coward and a total dumbass who is unable to face a proper journalist, unscripted, and asked tough questions, he is also aware that his lies will collapse as soon as he is challenged. So, he avoids the press as best as he can.

Meanwhile, the government is in a constant struggle to hide information from the public such as with its imposed total blackout on information on its energy dealings. The press and NGOs are in a constant fight with the government to force it to reveal information in the public interest, while the cabinet ministers have to send any press release or comments to Robert Abela’s media chief, Aleander Balzan, for approval prior to publication. Aleander is also responsible for allocating the government’s budget to media houses, naturally, ensuring to spread the butter on propagandists who support his boss.

The Labour government is basically on a constant and daily struggle against the truth while fighting off the press.

As you can see below, I am blocked on Twitter by Labour’s propaganda sidekicks (Randoph Debattista works closely with Aleander Balzan as he coordinates Robert Abela’s propaganda through the Party channels while Aleander filters it through the government and the government subsidised-media/propaganda outlets).

I never interacted with them on Twitter so they blocked me premeditatedly. They absolutely don’t want to come anyone near who can challenge their fraudulent narratives. It’s an inevitable bunker mentality when you are concerned with protecting criminals, covering up corruption and building narratives which conceal your destruction of the country.

Labour builds a corrupt and fraudulent narrative and fights the press and critics to preserve this narrative. It can do this thanks to the power of incumbency, millions of Euros of corrupt donations funnelled to ONE, and a government which exercises pervasive nepotism and graft. Their narrative would collapse as soon as they lose their power to buy people out and that’s the only way they can win. They can’t win with truth and reason because they have none.

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