Robert Abela’s Sunday Propaganda Brief

Robert Abela made his usual Sunday propaganda brief on ONE radio, the Labour Party’s propaganda arm.

He literally said nothing relevant to what is going on in the country or in the world right now: just a typical propaganda brief to deflect Labour supporters’ attention from the real issues to matters of no concern to our life. This, of course, is done deliberately. It is in Robert Abela’s interest to avoid discussing rule of law, energy, the economy, finance, business and the Maltese industry because first and foremost, he knows nothing, and secondly, he is doing nothing. This is also the reason why Robert Abela has total contempt for the press and refuses to be interviewed: he doesn’t want to speak on the things that matter because he doesn’t know how to and is completely ignorant of what needs to be done.

This is Malta’s Prime Minister in times of recession, crisis and war. He first went on to speak about Queen Elizabeth and how inspirational she was with her wisdom. He really and literally said this, although I don’t understand when he go this wisdom from her because the Queen rarely ever talked or said anything.  I suppose that dumb people can get confused on what “wisdom” really means.

He then goes on to say that the Labour government supports the gay community and since it believes in equality, it is allowing gay people to donate blood. I am not going to enter into the merits of this discussion on whether gay people should donate blood (and I think they should), but disallowing gay people from donating blood has got nothing to do with “equality”, it’s because past studies used to show that gay people were more prone to have several STDs such as HIV. Maybe the statistics have changed today but I have no idea. And even though we had Gay Pride this is not something to bring up in this environment as the second priority of your propaganda briefing after having just wasted your first item speaking about the Queen.

Then he goes to say something about S&P rating agencies until he goes on a long rant about how Labour is helping ordinary people while the Nationalist Party never helped ordinary people. By the way, serious statesmen don’t quote rating agencies. If you are consistently and persistently quoting rating agencies to convince people everything is all right, then everything is absolutely not all right.

Here’s what a proper briefing by a statesman would have sounded like:

1 – An update on the electricity and gas situation in Europe.

2- An update on the political ramifications of Ukraine winning the war and our preparations for this case scenario.

3 – An update on our strategy to save our national airline (lol).

4 – An update on the economic situation and how we intend to achieve real economic growth – not nominal economic growth by factoring in inflation (lol again).

5- Then I would have mentioned Gay Pride.

6- And then I would have closed with the Queen.

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