This is just a recent example showing how dysfunctional the Labour Party is

Recently, this week I wrote why and how the Labour Party is functional and coincidentally, this example here, even if small in political content, proves my argument.

There will be another open space less as the Labour-led local council of Santa Luċija plans to build its administrative offices in the town’s main public garden and space. This is similar to what happened in Marsascala where the local council built an administrative office in an open space and garden in the centre of the town.

You would expect local councils to increase public spaces and not decrease them, and supposedly that is what they are doing according to the Labour Party’s 1000 idea electoral manifesto. Had the Party been functional, and its organs operating correctly, the Labour local committee of Santa Luċija would send notice to the Labour local councillors telling them that their project goes against the principles and policies of the Party’s Manifesto – but that’s not going to happen. The members of the local committee are probably accustomed to just serving the Party as just another of its many local cash machines and the central authorities of the Party don’t want to change this complacency and indifference. Even if some of the local committee members may object to the local council’s plans, they may feel that their voice of dissent would not be appreciated by the Party which simply expects delegates to shut up and collect money.

It’s also in the interest of the leader that local committees are dysfunctional in this way because it provides him with greater leverage to do whatever he wants. Basically, as the Party’s organs are dysfunctional, there are no checks and balances in the Party and the only one who can change anything in a meaningful way is just the leader.

It’s not a political party as we have been accustomed to in the past, it’s something more authoritarian.

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