Mr Ivory Towers designed an apartment complex in one of the last fields of Santa Luċija

Daniel Micallef, Deputy-Leader of the Labour Party who publicly pronounced the Party’s pro-Russian policy of appeasement, and accused European leaders of living in “Ivory Towers” for placing sanctions on Russia which he also said don’t work, is behind an application to build an apartment complex in one of the last fields of Santa Luċija. The five-story apartment complex will have 37 apartments, 5 maisonettes, 7 penthouses and 75 garages.

Amazing. Isn’t he supposed to be enforcing the Labour Party’s policy of increasing green and open spaces according to the 1000 Idea Manifesto? A full-time architect by day who builds apartment complexes in open and natural spaces, and Labour Deputy-Leader by night who accuses the Nationalist Party of ruining the countryside because they changed the local plans back in 2006. I suppose then that what was wrong in 2006 has today become widely accepted. Amazing how people tend to change their principles by time.

They don’t even care about doing politics. It’s all a giant fraud with a Party pumped by donations from building contractors and local magnates who are then subsidised by the government to ruin the country. The Labour Party doesn’t even need to pretend it is doing politics. All they need to do is just remind their supporters about the lies of fake economic growth and promises of subsidies while they wreck their country.

Meanwhile, the local council of Santa Luċija is objecting to this development, but it is going ahead with ruining a public space for the sake of an administrative office. Tower of Babylon abide. 1000 Tongues Idea Manifesto.

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