When life imitates art

It’s hilarious how totally dumb and unaware some people can be. This is Jonathan Galea, the editor, and director of ONE News, the propaganda arm of the Labour Party, cheering his cameraman, Alex Borg, as he throws a racist insult at me on Facebook. Their comments are under a post of mine on a discussion I am having with my readers on my latest book.

I didn’t ask for their opinion, and apparently, they have joined my Facebook Wall to troll me. Fair game, I suppose. I’m not surprised that the servants at ONE hate my guts. I suppose they can’t bear the fact that I am a free man who can afford to tell their boss-king to fuck-off while they grind it like little servant-puppies they are. After all, you would have to be really desperate to make a career at ONE.

By the way, ladies make a line, please, the boy is single.


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