The servant of Russia and pseudo-Mintoffianism

There is the reality on the ground and then there is the fraudulent narrative of the Maltese government and the Labour Party.

Last week, Robert Abela went on the Labour Party’s radio station to parrot the Kremlin’s script for European politicians on its invasion of Ukraine. Russia, which invaded Ukraine with the aim to destroy it, and assimilate Ukrainians as Russians destroying in the process their language and culture, has failed to obtain its main objective. Now, that Russia is losing territory in Ukraine and its military capabilities hampered, it is demanding talks and a “compromise”. Meanwhile, Russia is waging an energy war against Europe and spreading the false narrative that energy prices in Europe are high because of Europe’s support for Ukraine. Gazprom has even released a propaganda video taunting us with freezing Europe to death as they halt the gas flow.

Energy prices in Europe have hit an all-time high and have started going down. Full disclosure, I have been short NATGAS since last Monday. The “no gas event” has happened and is behind us. Moving forward, energy prices will most probably go down as new supply comes into the market. Energy prices were high due to Europe’s gas dependence on Russia: never put all your eggs in one basket especially if the basket is owned by a terrorist and genocidal state. Hopefully, Europe has learned its lesson. Russia is using energy to force Europeans to compromise its values and sovereignty with lies, blackmail and war.

Meanwhile, in Malta, Robert Abela claimed that Ukraine should enter into talks with Russia to end the war so that Europeans get lower energy prices. Basically, Abela is asking Ukraine to lose the war for our sake. When Robert Abela made this speech, a Russian nuclear-powered submarine was stationed outside Maltese waters while the government ensured that this information doesn’t come out in public.

Robert Abela should be asked by the press whether he still has Russian connections, and whether he is engaged in any talks with Russian authorities, especially given the fact that Robert Abela serviced Russian oligarchs to obtain Maltese passports before he became Prime Minister. So, far, Robert Abela’s position on the Ukraine war has been exclusively pro-Russian: he strived to ensure that we still keep selling passports to Russians, opposed the oil embargo, and today and of course, he is against abolishing tourist visas for Russians. He should also say in public whether Malta lodged a protest against Moscow for stationing a nuclear-powered submarine outside our waters.

Here is how the Labour Party and Evarist Bartolo who is expected to be appointed President, are fraudulently using Mintoff and “neutrality” to hide their implicit bias in favour of Russia.

The main aim of neutrality in practice was to obtain as many economic trade deals with as many countries as possible when Malta was desperate to start its economic development. Its major principle-end however, was to ensure that Malta was not in the way of a nuclear war between the USA and the USSR. Yet, the Labour Party, which invokes Mintoff and neutrality to defend the position of selling passports to Russians, find no problem at all that Russia is playing nuclear war games outside our borders.

What a bunch of frauds.




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