Reform to be tabled aims to decriminalise abortion in case woman’s health is in jeopardy

A reform which will be presented to the cabinet by Deputy-Prime Minister and Minister of Health, Chris Fearne, aims to decriminalise abortion in case a woman’s health is in jeopardy. This would mean that doctors could terminate a pregnancy if it jeopardises the health of the woman, without any legal repercussions.

The reform is being drawn up by a group of specialists from the Ministry of Health in response to the case of Andrea Prudente, and is an initiative that was started exclusively by the Minister of Health as Prime Minister while Robert Abela, avoided the issue. One particular Labour MP who is a woman and brags about being a feminist could have taken up this initiative a long time ago, but she was too busy wheeling and dealing with murderers and other corrupt crooks instead. More on that, another time.

The local medical-doctor community is relatively very conservative and run by men, and many of them oppose the reform. Those who oppose it want the law to restrict itself to cases where the woman’s life is in jeopardy, but this principle goes against established medical procedures and is unlikely to be accepted. It is yet, to be seen how the cabinet will react to the presentation of this bill.

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