Here’s another case in which the media did the government’s job

Here’s another case in which the media did the government’s job as it informed the public on matters of public interest. MaltaToday has reported that a Russian nuclear submarine was positioned just outside Maltese waters.

The Maltese government felt that it didn’t need to inform the public about this. Of course, the government will provide many fraudulent excuses for refusing to divulge such information.

“We are a neutral country, so it is not of our concern what happens outside our borders.”

It is also the same excuse which was used to cover up the contraband Libyan oil trade, which was also used to refuel the Russian warship Admiral Kuznetsov under Muscat’s administration (this story has been published in my book A Rent Seeker’s Paradise). The crass and myopic stupidity of reckless children who run the government and think that it’s a game. Our government doesn’t have any sense of national security and combined with its total disregard for rule of law, it feels free to support any kind of regime in the world which does business with it. Naturally, given that strategic trade is also directly related to national security, having absolutely no conception of rule of law when trading will eventually lead you to jeopardise national security. Just like Germany did with its whole energy system.

The reality on the ground is very reflective of the government’s mentality. Malta doesn’t have a proper security service and when Muscat was in power he chose to relegate it fearing it would turn against him. Instead, Muscat made use of the French security services for information on matters of national security. The French security service had already a very large footprint in Malta during Gonzi’s administration as they supplied Libyan rebels with radio equipment from Malta, and it expanded under Muscat. As François Hollande became French President, Muscat could also bank on his friendship and loyalty with regard to the French security services (Hollande and Muscat were friends).

There are other instances when Malta outsourced its national security to foreign countries such as when the Maltese government, outsourced our maritime security to the Turkish navy during the Tripoli escalations of 2020.

In any case, with Robert Abela as Prime Minister, we don’t need a security service and we don’t need to be concerned about what’s going on in the world, because come next election, the government will send everyone a cheque and we’ll be happy.

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