Electrogas: Made by the Government of Malta

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

The Daphne Foundation has published the agreement which previous Energy Minister, Konrad Mizzi made with SOCAR on behalf of the government, guaranteeing to pay any debts incurred by Electrogas. This guarantee is separate from another guarantee made by the Bank of Valletta, effectively giving Eelctrogas an unconditional guarantee for any potential debts incurred.

This is just one part of the story which saw the creation of the Tumas Group-led consortium of Electrogas with the premeditated support of Joseph Muscat’s cabal. Basically, Electrogas has been created successfully thanks to the government. Made in Malta by the government and backed by public funds. Today, Electrogas is making a profit while Enemalta is incurring heavy losses.

Meanwhile, who is ensuring to safeguard the public interest in all of this? NGOs like the Daphne Foundation and the press which is providing the public with information that the government fights to keep secret on a daily basis. It’s absurd, really. It’s as if civil society is fighting a criminal organization running the government which is protecting its own friends and members.

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