The alleged WFDM scam

Earlier this year, an Indian Youtuber uploaded a video alleging that someone from WFDM Malta was defrauding people from India 25,000 Dirhams on fake promises they would be brought to Malta and given a job. The Youtuber claims that he was asked by the scammer to pay the money, despite having had his application rejected as the company claimed in a bizarre chat with him later on. The company doesn’t deny it asked for a 25,000 Dirhams service charge and insisted to speak to the Youtuber on the phone.

Basically, this is what happened.

The Youtuber sent his application to WFDM.

He then gets a message saying he has been selected and is asked to pay 25,000 Dirhams to be granted a visa to travel to Malta and start his new job.

He then contacts the company officially which doesn’t deny asking for a service charge of 25,000 Dirhams and tells him that his application has been rejected.

You can read the bizarre chat between the Youtuber and the company in his video below.

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