Labour’s false narrative of Russian appeasement

Malta’s position on the Russian War on Ukraine has been very clear from the very beginning and it is still the same. Malta should not limit itself in dealing with Russia. Malta, under our current Labour government, is in principle against Russian sanctions, and of course, against the current proposed Russian tourist-visa ban. The Labour Party’s deputy-leader, Daniel Micallef had previously claimed that sanctions against Russia are not working, and now he is also arguing that prolonging the Russian War against Ukraine will hurt ordinary people in Europe and for this reason will eventually turn to the far-right. This is a fake narrative imbued with lies which supports the logic of Russian appeasement as the best solution. It’s also the same logic that the Russian Foreign Ministry is using in its appeals to Europe to stop its support of Ukraine.

It is not only the Labour Party which is putting the blame for Europe’s woes on Europe’s support for Ukraine. The German Foreign Minister and Green Party leader has recently projected the same logic with her argument that Germans are suffering high energy prices due to the cost of war. What Annalena Baerbock does not tell you is that German’y energy woes are fully Germany’s responsibility and they keep growing due to her and her colleagues’ obstinate stupidity in refusing to switch to nuclear and other sources – they contend with switching to coal again. The religious anti-nuclear obsession of the German greens is one of the main reasons why Russia has leverage on Germany and can execute an energy war at our expense.

Conveniently, the social democrats and the greens in Germany will put the blame on Putin for their own incompetence. And also conveniently, this narrative infers that the war in Ukraine should end soon at any cost so that energy prices go down again. Let’s sacrifice Ukraine on the altar f imperialism s that we can do business with the imperialist Russian regime. It’s a fake narrative and belies the incompetence of our leaders to find solutions. To blame Europe’s current malaise on Russia’s energy war against Europe is the most conservative thing to do as infers that nothing else needs to change. Today’s conservatives are the socialists and the greens.

There is also another serious problem with the Labour Party’s logic on the Russian war on Ukraine and is its intrinsic amorality which is also a reflection of the way the government conducts business. This amorality, however also belies a great sense of incompetence and a lack of understanding of how the world works. After years of corruption and losing hundreds of millions in corrupt contracts with Electrogas and Shanghai Electric, the Labour Party still believes that doing business with corrupt, murderous and imperialist regimes can be good for business. It’s in fact Daniel and his boss who live in an Ivory Tower with the illusion that the world can function safely without rule of law and with murderous dictators waging wars at will.

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