Insufferable idiocy and fraud

Prime Minister Robert Abela, who previously serviced Russian oligarchs to obtain Maltese passports, is making a strong case in favour of Europe forcing Ukraine to surrender its land to Russia. The foreign affairs of our Mafia State are amoral, fraudulent and opportunistic in the short-term, but at least, the Prime Minister should for once in his life make a genuine effort to say something truthful instead of saying outright incorrect things all the time, as this would help his fraudulent argument be more convincing.

The total imbecile of our Prime Minister thinks that Russian sanctions were aimed with the exclusive intent to stop Russia from waging its war. He can’t think in a slightly more complex way to understand the multifaceted side of things and events. For him, it’s all ones and zeroes. Yes, the sanctions are aimed at obstructing Russia from waging war but no technocrat or diplomat who pushed these sanctions ever believed they were going to stop Russia from waging its war. Russia, as an imperialist aggressor will stop waging its war once it is defeated on the battlefield and imposing sanctions may help accelerate Russia’s defeat as is happening.

The underlying principles of Robert Abela’s Labour Party are always the same: amoral opportunism, rent-seeking and corruption and it’s all projected through fraudulent narratives. This is not the first time that Labour is trying to downplay the importance of sanctions against Russia, and they are also wrong. The Labour Party is constantly affirming its pro-Russia stance under the guise of “peace” for the sake of European consumers having lower energy bills (things are more complicated than that).

And it’s quite a bit rich of him to preach dialogue with the enemy when the imbecile doesn’t even trust and speak to his own Deputy Prime Minister.

What a total fraud and imbecile. In reality, it’s quite disgraceful for the Labour Party to go down in history as part of the political movement which is clamouring for Russian appeasement. Historically, this is not going to age well.

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