First as tragedy, then as farce

Sandro Camilleri has just been appointed head of the Police Anti-Money Laundering Unit.  He will be responsible for some of the most high-profile cases currently “under investigation” including the cases against Konrad Mizzi and Joseph Muscat.

I literally laughed at the news. Of all people, it’s going to be the flamboyant and pompous Sandro Camilleri who will supposedly arraign Joseph Muscat and Konrad Mizzi to court; someone who made it a point to become a media personality with an implicit political ambition. He was also the police officer who went on to express his outrage at a legal billboard depicting the Last Supper in an advert for the burger-joint, New York’s Best.

I also know Sandro and his work because he was the main prosecutor against me when I was arraigned in court over pornography and obscenity charges. He made more effort to pull off a frivolous show in court rather than present a strong case, and I eventually won the case.

Presumably, he got his new post because he has an MBA, a degree more useless than a philosophy degree with a specialisation in Fichte. Hopefully, it may have helped him understand acronyms such as ATM or SWIFT. What does the acronym ATM stand for, Sandro?

He’s a total joke to me, and his appointment is a testament to the farcical and non-serious nature of our government and our institutions. Here he is threatening me via FB Messenger when I critcised him for expressing his opinions on a controversial billboard, he had no business discussing. I didn’t reply to his implicit threats. The police would do something like this only because they know they can get away with it. But it’s the nature of the buffoons who are currently, turning our country into the wreckage that it has become.

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