Drugs, slaves and fraud: the alleged life of Tomas Mikalauskas

So, apparently, Tomas Mikalauskas has had a very colourful life. Having brushed with the law several times, Tomas Mikalauskas was at times accused of importing hundreds of kilos of marijuana into Malta and also of engaging in fraudulent activities. He also filed a case in the EU Human Rights Courts against the Maltese government for having been interrogated without the presence of a lawyer.

Today, Tomas Mikalauskas is the importer of Indian and Nepalese slaves to distribute food to Maltese restaurants through agencies such as Bolt Food. He is also establishing himself as a legitimate businessman and bizarrely, he has also been made President of the Malta-Nepal Chamber of Commerce, despite the fact that he is literally importing Nepalese workers to work in slavery-like conditions. And to add insult to injury, he is also representing the Lithuanian community in Malta having been made President of the Lithuanian Community in Malta.

The alleged fraudster and drug trader eventually became an official slave trader. Quite a logical career progression if you ask me.

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