Another slave-trader in Malta: Narusevicius Mantvydas

Narusevicius Mantvydas is another slave trader in Malta. He is responsible for importing slave workers for Wolt Food, a competitor to Bolt Food which has its slave workers imported by Tomas Mikalauskas. Both of the men are Lithuanian. Mantvydas’ company is called WFDM Ltd and it imports workers from Dubai amongst other places for various industries against payment of €5000 by the worker. The jobs advertised are low-paid and highly likely they add pressure to keep wages and salaries down in the market.

The financials don’t give many details, and they have yet to publish financial accounts for 2021. The director, Narusevicius Mantvydas received a payment of €13,038 from the company but he has also loaned it €54,839. He is the only shareholder.

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