Je Suis Mona60000

Apparently, the Malta Police Union is taking its time and effort to ask for the prosecution of a young TikTokter for uploading a video on TikTok insulting the police with the word “pufti” which the equivalent in English would be, “faggots”.

The MPU is asking the police commissioner to prosecute the TikToker with the same law that Rosianne Cutajar is using against me in a vexatious case. The law should be abrogated altogether and it’s fundamentally unconstitutional and in divergence with contemporary and local case law.

In 2019 Malta went through its worst political crisis in history due to high-level criminality emanating from the highest echelons of government. The Office of the Prime Minister was also implicated in the murder of a journalist and despite the fact that we became a lawless state where criminals and politicians enjoy immunity from the law, the Police Union is concerned about a teenager calling them “faggots”.

What a bunch of fucking clowns.

Look, I believe in a strong police force which protects and takes care of its citizens. I’m the first boring, old and annoying, top-button-of-the-shirt-closed-asshole who would call the police as soon as my teenage neighbours throw a loud party and smoke weed. But just for the fun of it, please enjoy this NWA classic.

As for Mona60000, if you are reading this, I would be very happy to introduce you to a number of local hip-hop artists who would absolutely and surely make music with you. You’re a star now. Here is my email for your perusal:


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