Restaurants are top government priority

So, Aaron Farrugia’s Ministry of Transport is applying to build another restaurant in public space. Sounds ridiculous right? This is from the same Minister of Transport who said that the priority is to overcrowd Malta with even more cars. There are more than 400,000 cars in Malta with more than 50 registered every day.

The government is turning Malta into an overcrowded restaurant, and this is not just about a couple of isolated cases here and there.  Robert Abela’s perspective along with that of his colleagues such as Minister of Tourism, Clayton Bartolo is very simple and straightforward: they think that they will bring economic growth by pumping up the restaurant and party economy.

I understand it sounds ridiculous and absolutely stupid, but I would not have been writing it if it was otherwise. They literally and genuinely think this way. It is also the reason why Robert Abela dished out restaurant vouchers during the pandemic – it wasn’t just aimed to help the catering economy, but it was consistent with the Prime Minister’s belief that the entertainment and catering sectors will lead overall economic growth. It is also why the Ministry of Tourism is involved in dishing out millions of Euros in subsidies to event organisers while simultaneously destroying the free market in the local culture industry. This is literally an idiocracy in the making.

Meanwhile, this happened in Germany as the week closed and our government was busy turning our island into a big concrete-restaurant. Don’t worry folks. Aaron Farrugia has five degrees and he is here to save us.


  1. St George’s Square in Victoria is a case in point…next thing will be a restaurant in the church’s aisle!

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