Bloomberg reveals Miriam’s State Secret

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

Yesterday, a Bloomberg journalist Tweeted a map showing electricity prices in Europe that was originally sourced from the European Association for the Cooperation of Transmission System Operators. It was the first time that many of us Maltese had a glimpse of how much our government is purchasing electricity from its corrupt contracts namely Electrogas and Shanghai Electric.

Banana Republic Minister of Energy Miriam Dalli told us the price of electricity was a state secret. Neither did she tell us about the state of Enemalta,, but lucky we have Standards & Poor’s who told us that Enemalta is bankrupt. The next thing Miriam Dalli should tell the public is the government’s corrupt agreement with SOCAR which she also insists on keeping secret. Everything is a secret for Miriam Dalli. The Ministry of Energy is like a secret closet that you are not allowed to look into, but once in a while, Miriam will pop up from a Jack-in-a-box to tell you about her green frauds which mainly involve turning agricultural land into solar panels.

If these idiots weren’t wrecking our country, they would have been making funny parodies of Black Mirror instead. A tech-laden dystopian Banana Republic run by clowns.

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