Everyone needs to eat

First as tragedy then as farce. In a country with a rule of law, Ian Abdilla, the former police money laundering investigator would have been investigated and prosecuted for covering-up corruption and dereliction of public duty. Instead, Abdilla got a pass from Angelo Gafa, and is now, living a normal life as a tourist guide with Heritage Malta.

Well, at least, it’s better than pumping gas at Aldo Moro Street like that trigger-happy Sheenan who fired his gun at a speeding car whilst driving the official car of the Minister of Police.

It’s incredibly hilarious, but not that much when you think about the fact that thanks to Labour, crooks and criminals who perpetuated great crimes can live a normal life. And there’s nothing stopping Ian Abdilla to do it all over again if he is given a second chance.

This country is fucking nuts.

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