The most farcical premiership in Maltese history

Joseph Muscat’s administration broke local records for corruption, but Robert Abela will be remembered as the most farcical premier in Maltese history.

Yesterday, Abela interrupted his one-month yachting holiday to tell his supporters on ONE that this year’s budget will be for the “little guy”. His socialist speech, made via his mobile phone while holidaying on his yacht in Ibiza, coincided with the day of Dom Mintoff’s death. Ironically, Abela did not deny that Air Malta, a Labour creation of Mintoff’s times, was going to shut down.

Air Malta is just the first disaster in a series of disasters waiting to happen which Abela will blame on his predecessors. Yet, remember that when Abela and his mates could do something about it, such as when oil went below 0 during the Corona crash, Economy Minister Silvio Schembri was pandering to the hunting lobby. The material results of a fraudulent administration speak for themselves, and all they are capable of is paying off people. It’s also why we have low unemployment as the public sector keeps getting bloated with unproductive jobs.

Abela is too narcissistic to care or even to do his job. He has been accustomed to getting paid for public work which he does not do, and he was paid so excessively for doing nothing that he has even lost the concept of work. I also don’t think there was ever a prime minister in history who has been on holiday for so long. Yet, even if he tried to do something while the government goes broke and our country turns into a construction site he couldn’t: he’s too idiotic. From a totally corrupt premier to a total farce, Malta is riding these times of crisis in the worse possible way.

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