Time to set-up the European Union’s military and executive central intelligence agency

The European Union Intelligence and Situation Centre is a civilian agency of the European Union External Service Action. It has no military or executive functions and its role is to provide the European Union High Representative of Foreign Affairs with intelligence. The European Union has no collective, defensive and executive force which protects it from large-scale and coordinated psyop activity and political sabotage by external actors.

Throughout the previous years, European Union member states have been experiencing political sabotage, acts of violence, crime and psyop activity conducted by the Russian government and its security and intelligence apparatus. Throughout these years Russia has:

1 – Conducted and attempted various targeted assassinations in European territory, including that of Sergei Skripal and Alexander Litvinenko.

2 – Supported political movements and parties which shared the agenda of the Russian government and/or that were harmful to European values including its support to the Leave camp in the Brexit referendum, Marine Le Pen in France and Matteo Salvini in Italy.

3 – Conducted extensive and widespread propaganda campaigns in Europe with state-subsidised media.

4 – Infiltrated left-wing groups, NGOs and university departments to spread harmful misinformation such as its extensive campaign to convince Europe to turn its back on nuclear and fracking so as to remain dependent on Russian gas.

The latest Russian efforts to destabilise European security have been concentrated on discrediting Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin over a leaked video of her dancing with friends which was first leaked on a Finnish message-board by a far-right commentator and immediately picked up by Russian propaganda outlets and online trolls. The German media welcomed this Russian-backed leak with gusto and published it as they repeated the refrain of Russia Today: is she a serious Prime Minister as she is seen dancing and enjoying herself with friends?

National security and intelligence agencies in Europe have consistently failed to deter Russia’s efforts to interfere in European politics, while at the same time, all of Europe refused to respond to Russian meddling in kind.  The European Union needs a defensive agency with the mandate to hit back at foreign states who chose to meddle in the politics of European Union member states. This European agency should have the autonomy to deter and initiate offensive operations against Europe’s enemies abroad. It is only reasonable that for the sake of Europe’s security, foreign states who chose to attempt “regime change” in Europe or meddle with its security, being energy, economy or militarily, should be deterred by a centralised and collective European agency with any means available. The centralised agency could be run by a board which comprises of the EU commissioner as its chair, including other European Commissioners, the Head of NATO, and other top EU officials.

Russia has spent billions of US Dollars in its attempts to destabilise Europe and compromise its security. Today, Russia’s efforts to destabilise Europe are only increasing as it wages a genocidal war against Ukraine. And as Russia conducts an economic and energy war against us, we keep falling to its tricks and propaganda. We are willingly vulnerable to our enemies out of sheer complacency and stupidity.

If a power like Russia is openly and publicly working for regime and political change in Europe, Europe should be able to do the same. Europe has plenty of resources and power to counter-act this imbalance in the intelligence and psyop war. We have universities and academics too, intelligence agencies, the most important arts and culture industry in the world and military and defensive capabilities which surpass Russia’s. Europe has to show its teeth to survive and we should not take our freedoms of granted.


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