Government sends a message to its opponents: join me and I’ll pay you

Frank Psaila

Frank Psaila, previous PN activist and now pro-government propagandist and appointee is probably, going to become the poster boy for mercenary politics during this administration. And frankly, Frank deserves to be shamed since from all people within the people, Frank could have never complained of ill-treatment or discrimination. On the contrary, he was a privileged golden boy being constantly pushed by the top ranks in the Party’s media outlets.

The government is sending a clear message to its opponents: leave the Opposition and we will buy you out.  Frank was probably really struggling to make ends meet to cross the Rubicon so quickly and so abruptly. Frank contested the MEP elections of 2019 and his wife, Alessia Żammit Psaila contested the last general elections held this year. Both Frank and his wife failed to get elected and they blamed their failure on the Nationalist Party despite both having had a bigger media presence than the other Nationalist candidates. Alessia Psaila Żammit used to appear on political briefings with David Agius on TVM during the election campaign, while Frank Psaila even had his own TV programme on TV before he contested elections.

And that’s not all. Frank Psaila was promised a job with Tumas Group in case he failed to get elected.  The connection was made through Adrian Delia’s camp who were fighting to oust David Casa from his MEP seat, allegedly with the support of Tumas Group and Yorgen Fenech. Their attempt failed, and David Casa got re-elected.

Today, Frank Psaila has been rewarded for his efforts by the government. A pitiful mercenary who couldn’t do any other thing in life other than use politics to find a suitable paymaster. I suppose the option to join Tumas Group went off the table after Yorgen Fenech got arrested.

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