The economy is a restaurant

If the leader of an entity is dumb and myopic, his idiocy will trickle down to his policies and subordinates. The inevitable consequence of having a total imbecile as leader of the country is that the country turns into an idiocrasy – Malta is already there. If you follow this website, you are reading about acts of fraud and corruption by the government on a daily basis.

One of the only activities that the Prime Minister does is eating out at restaurants. He doesn’t read books, or journals, watch films, or theatre, or listen to music. His main two activities other than fooling around at work are physical exercise, which he does every day, and eating at restaurants which he also does nearly every day. When he does eat at restaurants he eats with Labour Party donors, subordinates or his wife and family.  No, he is not a cosmopolitan flaneur having dinners with top economists, industrialists or intellectuals.

Robert Abela is the archetype post-modern gym rat: vain, shallow, idiotic and sub-literate.

So, of course, I am not surprised that the economy is run like a chav-party island where the main activities are restaurants, deckchairs, and parties for teenagers all executed with government funds, nepotism and corruption. The victim is of course the ordinary citizen who gets his neighbourhood trashed and polluted by loud music, but it’s all good according to Robert Abela’s wife, Lydia, cos she lives in Delimara far away from the plebs.

So, of course, they will turn museums into restaurants run by friends of friends, cos they can’t do better. The idea to install a restaurant in the Natural History Museum comes from the fact that Heritage Malta is run by incredibly incompetent political appointees who can’t and don’t know how to promote and manage our museums in a similar way that the Malta Tourism Authority destroys the local culture industry by funding mass events with public subsidies of foreign acts. The idea is also wrong in this case because the site of the museum is small and the collection is not extensive. People will be spending more time in the restaurant than in the museum. It’s not like it’s a huge gallery where you spend your day looking at things and then you take launch in the middle of the day before you continue watching the exhibits.

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  1. Excellent post. Literally, panis et circensis. I see no end to this mess. Our electorate consists of angry and unhappy people (vide recent Gallup pole) that do not realise that the source of their unhappiness is them succumbing to and joining in to the greed, corruption and rent-seeking which has run rife over this past decade. Instinctively, the electorate knows that the way the government is being run is not sustainable and that a huge price is waiting for us to pay in the very near future. However, until we have a more sophisticated and aware electorate nothing will change.

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