Some updates on Joseph Portelli by Lovin Malta

Joseph Portelli

Following my stories on Joseph Portelli, Lovin Malta has published a short history of him arriving at the same conclusion: Joseph Portelli is a businessman made by the government and enriched by Joseph Muscat. Interestingly, the article points to some interesting connections such as Claire Guaci Borda, John Dalli’s daughter who is Joseph Portelli’s CFO and the government’s chairperson of the Building and Construction Agency, Maria Schembri Grima who is involved in Portelli’s projects as an architect.

It’s welcome to see this kind of journalism on a figure of the rent-seeking regime: the blood-sucking leeches of society who enrich themselves through party connections while keeping the said parties alive with their donations. These kinds of histories should be a regular thing in our press and are a welcome thing in a media landscape which rarely questions the origin of the wealth of our Joseph Portellis.

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  1. Jigifieri Claire Gauci Borda ghada tigri barra hux hekk. Ilha akkuzata b’money laundering mit-2017 minghalija.

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