What dissociation? He is a Labour Party employee

Imagine you run a bank and one of your employees goes in front of the law courts to defend a crook. Surreal, right? You wouldn’t do such a thing if you are sitting at the end of a table managing or handling people’s money. You would have reputational problems. Now, imagine being not just the bank, but the political party which runs the country and your employees and top officials are clamouring in support of a crook and they are going to do it in front of the law courts.

Don’t worry. The Labour Party has issued a statement dissociating itself from Manuel Cuschieri’s protest in front of the law courts,  in solidarity with that crook Frederick Azzopardi. The Labour Party doesn’t agree with these shows of support to criminals and crooks who wrecked the country, it is only in favor insofar as this support is subdued, official regular and inconspicuous. Like appointing Edward Zammit Lewis Justice Minister, or appointing Rosianne Cutajar to government boards. We will even employ and pay scumbags like Manuel Cuschieri and Jason Micallef and why not appoint Manuel Cuschieri to a government board too?

Welcome to Fraud City.

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