Dumbing down the nation

The level and essence of thought and intelligence trickle down from leaders to their subordinates. So, one can imagine the intellectual depth of the top leadership and the Labour Party, right now. Robert Abela is surrounded by mummy’s bedroom boys who left their parents’ nest thanks to government contracts. The level of brilliance is mesmerising.

Take for example Randolph Debattista who was co-opted in parliament, yet doesn’t understand the basic functions of the institutions in a liberal democracy.  Randolph is saying that parliamentary speeches should be shortened so that the government’s work can be facilitated. This is a novel and innovative idea for a democracy which supposedly has a parliament which is distinguished from the government and has a separate function and role in society, such as passing laws and scrutinizing the government’s work. What Randolph should be telling you is that Labour wants to make parliament less effective as it is in line with the dumbing down of society.

The relentless capture of institutions by the Labour Party isn’t made out of an idealistic end but rather driven by their corrupt and mafia-like mentality of winner take all. Labour is into power only for the sake of being in power. So, you don’t need a genius in power to capture state institutions. Robert Abela and his entourage are a group of idiots who relish power and ambition and as they take over institutions, they are enforcing their projection of a dumb society governed by fraud and deceit. This is also why Labour wants to reduce entry requirements to College. Robert Abela is forming a nation in his own image: dumb, fraudulent and incompetent.

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