A mob of scumbags

Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, another scumbag and Joseph Muscat’s friend plans to join the mob today, in support of Frederick Azzopardi, one of Joseph Muscat’s corrupt fixers. My generation remembers him crying taħt it-tinda with Lawrence Gonzi. The poor lad was caught just in time before he tried to become a corrupt politician. Those were the gold old days of Labour when Manuel Cuschieri, the scumbag below, would have poured scorn over Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando.

It’s incredible what Joseph Muscat did. He united all the scumbags from different parties and got them to love each other after having made careers tearing each other apart.

Joseph Muscat may even contest elections under the banner of a new Party: The Scumbag Club.

If Jeffrey is the last dentist on earth and I desperately need a dentist, I would prefer to watch videos on Youtube to learn how to do it by myself rather than use his services.

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