Frederick Azzopardi’s masterwork

Thanks to Żebbuġ Councilor Steve Żammit Lupi, a tireless activist against environmental destruction in his locality, we got to know about Fredeick Azzopardi’s masterworks.  The illegal road in Wird Qirda, Żebbuġ, built under the orders of Frederick Azzopardi, also leads to the residence of Robert Musumeci, another corrupt fixer of Joseph Muscat.  Both the contractor and Transport Mata were fined for doing the illegal works and Frederick Azzopardi is now facing charges of disobeying court orders.

Meanwhile, that total scumbag and good-for-nothing Emmanuel Cuschieri has called on Labour supporters to turn up to court on Tuesday in support of Frederick Azzopardi. Cuschieri’s remarks follow Jason Micallef’s call of support for Frederick Azzopardi and Joseph Muscat’s missive. Does anyone remember the virtuous buffoon who complained about “pacts with the devil”?

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