Government by Ġaħan

Ex-premier Joseph Muscat went to great lengths to make sure that his government appearedd competent and serious about affairs, even though most of it was just a facade. An excellent example is the appointment of Edward Scicluna as Minister of Finances: the sombre-looking university professor who gave the impression that Malta’s finances are in smart and conservative hands, yet Muscat and his friends still went on a corruption spree.

Robert Abela is so confident of Labour’s over-arching influence in society that he doesn’t need to make an effort to keep up appearances. Robert and his ministers don’t care. They know they are ruling by fraud and deceit but with an Opposition in shambles, they don’t need to make an effort. The 1000 idea fraud manifesto, but everything gets wrecked in reality.

In twenty years’ time, future generations are going to look back at these times as wasted years of corruption, fraud and deceit. Labour isn’t going to “regenerate” by then. There’s a long line of potential successors such as Miriam Dalli who intend to prolong the rent-seeking culture. My bet is that this kind of fraudulent politics in Malta is a dying breed.  The Labour goons who contribute to today’s fraud are too drunk and impressed with their current power and status in society to realise that their bubble will burst by the laws of physics. Similarly, the Nationalists in the 1990s and early 2000s thought that the party was never going to last. The Opposition back then was also in shambles and had no prospects of gaining power. Things changed, then and everyone knows the story.

The inflexion point against Labour will happen due to demographics. As the older people who support it die out, and younger generations reject it, Labour may very well end up worse than the Nationalist Party of today. The older sections of society are also changing as they are replaced by people with different views. Eventually, people will remember this shit and will absolutely make sure they never go back to it.

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