Full disclosure on Joseph Muscat’s relationship with Frederick Azzopardi

Joseph Muscat is defending previous Transport Malta chief, Frederick Azzopardi, after it was announced that he will be hauled to court over illegal roadworks made to a private residence.

Frederick Azzopardi is mostly remembered as Enemalta’s chairman who oversaw the transition to the corrupt Electrogas contract, the corrupt Montenegro project and the corrupt Shanghai Electric buyout of Enemalta and the BWSC power plant. Azzopardi then went to Transport Malta to lead the Labour government’s major roadworks plans.

What people may not know is that Frederick Azzopardi is married to Joseph Muscat’s cousin, Nadette Azzopardi (nee Falzon) who is also a government appointee as chairperson of the Malta Residency Visa Agency.

Frederick Azzopardi is a corrupt fixer and a close associate of Joseph Muscat. Being hauled to court over illegal roadworks is the least responsibility can take amongst the trail of corrupt acts he helped cover-up. It should also be ascertained that Azzopardi has never been reviewed for his work in government, least of all investigated. His current court case is only the result of an official complaint that independent political candidate, Arnold Cassalo made of his own volition.

Meanwhile, also check out Joseph Muscat’s little bitch who still pretends that he leads ONE while taking on public plum jobs.


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