Statement by the Prime Minister on Karl Muscat

First of all, I would like to express my deep condolences to the family of Karl Muscat. I understand that they are going through a very hard time and once again I would like to show my deep solidarity with them.  After having met the family, I assured them that we will get to the bottom of the case and provide them with the full truth of the matter.

I understand that this is a sensitive situation given that Karl Muscat was a prosecutor handling high-profile money-laundering cases. Karl Muscat did his work with great zeal and with deep loyalty to the State. His values of public service and a commitment to justice are noteworthy characteristics that we should take as an example. As the head of government, I would like to deeply thank Karl Muscat’s service to the state and I am sure he will serve as an inspiration to all state representatives and employees.

It is important that we don’t rush to conclusions until the investigators inform us of the cause of death. However, I also want to reassure the public that the government is determined to bring full justice to this country. By full justice, this means that we know the truth in every case and situation, justice for Daphne, justice for those who have stolen from the country and those who abused their power. I also understand that several events in recent weeks may have eroded public trust in some of our authorities. As Prime Minister of this country, I am determined to ensure that the institutions not only work and function right, but they also have to ensure that their actions are all guided in bringing full justice. To this, I will add that there has to be absolutely no tolerance for corruption in politics irrespective of whether it comes from one side of the political divide or another. There will be, absolutely, no impunity. Every politician and person in power who abused and stole from this country must pay it all back and face justice for their actions.

As a Prime Minister of this country, I want to make sure that Malta’s name is cleared once and for all. Yes, we have gone through some bad times, but my efforts all are directed at restoring Malta’s reputation and all my actions are orientated towards this goal. Once again, I would like to appeal for compassion and understanding to the family and await the results of the inquiry which I am demanding to be concluded as rapidly as possible.

Thank you. Now, I may take some questions from the press.

Note: No. This is not his real statement. The Prime Minister hasn’t made a statement yet. He doesn’t even take interviews or do press conferences unless heavily managed by propagandists. This is what the Prime Minister would have said had we had a normal Prime Minister. 

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