Out of their depth

Jonathan Attard: Justice Minister. Don't laugh, yet.

We still have had no official statement from the government 24 hours after a high-profile prosecutor of the Attorney-General’s office was found dead at his home. Karl Muscat is said to have been a zealous prosecutor and therefore, a rare breed in our justice system which is riddled with complacent opportunists with LinkedIn profiles and plush-sea-view offices.

Labour’s lack of reaction to the prosecutor’s death is consistent with its effort to normalise our rule-of-law crisis: everything is normal under the hot Mediterranean sun and energy subsidies. It isn’t. Robert Abela went to great lengths to protect Joseph Muscat and his friends from prosecution mainly by instituting corrupt bureaucrats at the right places such as Attorney-General Victoria Buttigieg. Then there is the year’s-long inaction by the police as the Times of Malta keeps publishing evidence and details of extensive money laundering committed by Joseph Muscat and his friends.

Karl Muscat’s death also brings to light the valid reasons why Victoria Buttigieg should have resigned as soon as she botched the bribery case against Yorgen Fenech’s lawyers. Not only is Victoria Buttigieg not trusted but she is considered a fraud and an accomplice to the collapse of rule-of-law, and in such a moment of crisis she and her office will not be believed nor trusted. Let’s not forget that Charles Mercieca, the lawyer who was charged with bribing a journalist and the defense counsel to Yorgen Fenech, was also a previous employee at the AG’s office.

“Let the institutions work” they will tell you – only that they don’t work. They are in shambles, riddled with corruption and criminality. Our face-bleached, gel-haired weirdos in government, don’t get it. And they never will. Our Justice Minister, Jonathan Attard is a total buffoon who lived with his mother until Labour took the government in 2013 and gave him lucrative contracts to live his life. Had Labour never entered office these people would currently be producing pro-Labour propaganda on the minimum wage, but instead, they lead the country. We are literally governed by imbeciles who lived with their mothers before nepotism gave them their place. Meanwhile, the country continues to crumble.

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  1. Living with one’s mother is not necessarily an imbecile thing to do, if mama shouldn’t be left alone. But I get your drift.

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