No, Miriam, you negotiated nothing

Miriam Dalli. Super ONE journalist and Minister of Energy.

Thank God for Miriam Dalli as she is keeping us warm this Winter. Miriam Dalli says she saved Malta from having no gas in Winter after she and her team negotiated a concession “from the EU” not to apply a 15% gas reduction exercise applied to “all EU countries”.

Malta’s status at the European Council and at the Commission is more similar to that of Europe’s delinquent child, Hungary. No one takes us seriously and no one even speaks to us anymore. Ambassadors have problems holding meetings while at summits, our Prime Minister is a lost and oblivious duck, ignored by most. Miriam Dalli thinks she can apply her ONE style to our energy policy, only that this textbook for fraud and deceit doesn’t apply to the laws of physics. Indeed, Enemalta is bankrupt and our corrupt deals on energy are still upheld resulting in huge losses for Enemalta which need to be subsidised by the government. In turn, the government tells you that they are subsidising your energy bills when all they are doing is really subsidising corrupt contracts.

Back to the original point, it was Spain which forced the EU to remove the obligatory 15% reduction and it wasn’t actually removed altogether. The Commission added a clause whereby member states can apply for an exemption and reduce just 5% of their gas instead of 15%. Malta had nothing to do with this. Miriam Dalli is also telling us that the gas shortage was brought about by the lack of investments in renewable energy. She is pushing her idea for renewable energy in Malta too. It’s her goal she says.

We are going to see a lot of this fraud in this next four years.

Miriam Dalli has literally no idea what she is talking about as the current energy crisis is of much greater proportion than her pre-conceived ONE gimmicks. Her political activity is restricted to covering up the corrupt Electrogas and Shanghai Electric contracts whilst spending money on her fraudulent propaganda campaign on making Malta greener. Malta is not getting greener: it’s getting wrecked and by the time this government’s term is over, Miriam Dalli would have made nothing of her own.

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