The Labour Party’s leadership does not want Michelle Muscat to contest elections

Joseph Muscat may still have many followers and diehard supporters in the Labour Party, but in response to the rumours that Michelle Muscat wants to submit her nomination to the Party for the MEP elections, let me tell you that Robert Abela and his subordinates in the leadership and the executive are clearly and squarely against this nomination. However, it is yet to be seen what will Muscat’s next moves will be.

In a previous article, I wrote about Robert Abela’s real “Devil’s Pact”: that is, the agreement between Robert Abela and Joseph Muscat that Abela will protect Muscat from prosecution. Joseph Muscat gave himself away about what he had agreed with Robert Abela when he told us in an interview with Herman Grech that if “he is bothered” he will context elections. Now, Muscat is the king of football and with clear details of his corrupt Vitals deal emerging, making his prosecution only a question of when and not if, that leaves Michelle Muscat as a potential candidate to come out and save him.

Robert Abela took power in the most foolish and irresponsible way possible and now he has to contend with reality. Making deals with criminals is never a good idea: this is the whole point of the existence of contract law.

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