The good salesman

Police Commissioner, Angelo Gafa

Angeo Gafa has one excellent skill which has exceeded him greatly: he is surely a good salesman who can sell himself as a straight talker who knows what he is doing.

Everything that is being revealed about him recently, however, shows that this man is totally unfit for his position.

Let’s take a step back to when Angelo Gafa was appointed police CEO during the Joseph Muscat administration. The recent stories about the physical state of Malta’s police stations are shocking, yet they also show how Gafa’s executive leadership failed to deliver even the basics. Still, they appointed him Police Commissioner.

The man is full of witty appearances and is having a ball.  He also has a LinkedIn profile which says he specializes in “strategic management, transformation processes, change management, and leadership and management within law enforcement”. Interesting. I don’t understand why a police commissioner would have LinkedIn profile other than to look for future job opportunities. What is he thinking exactly? To be hired as a consultant after he retires?

It seems that Gafa is just another robot bureaucrat, typical of an incompetent political appointee at best and at worst, just another imbecilic and corrupt bażużlu (for a chapter on robot-bureaucrats, you may refer to my book).

What is most startling however is either the fact that he is grossly incompetent or either totally corrupt. The ongoing revelations by the Times of Malta on how Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri laundered corrupt proceeds from their Vitals public hospitals deal are simply incredible. Detail, by detail the Times of Malta is uncovering trails of gross money laundering, fraud and corruption and all the while the police seem to be nowhere to be found.

It’s incredible that the police sit idle while it is journalists who are uncovering criminals in politics and corruption. The police have been totally ineffective and useless in this field. It is as if they simply don’t exist.

At this stage, we should say it as it is: Gafa is either an incompetent moron who can sell himself easily, or either a totally corrupt fixer of Muscat’s criminal gang.

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