The insufferable elitism of a rent-seeker

There is a huge difference between rich people who made it on their own and others who gained wealth illicitly and never worked an hour in their life. Robert and Lydia Abela make part of the latter category and they have grown so accustomed to receiving wealth without working for it that they have turned into the insufferable elitists that Labour always complained about.

One of Labour’s most pressing critiques of the Nationalists was that they never listened to the plight of ordinary people, yet today, Lydia, like her insufferable husband, Robert, relishes in sobbing down ordinary people and making them feel worthless from her position of power.

Yesterday, a Valletta resident complained to her about the new regulations allowing music in Valletta til 1am. Lydia replied to her with a snobbish air telling her that she should be grateful that they are generating the economy in Valletta. It’s not just the imbecilic presumption that they are actually doing something good and productive, it’s also the total disregard for others.

Lydia can’t relate to these people. She lives in the countryside of Delimara in a villa. She doesn’t have concerns about waking up late for work because she doesn’t have to and she and her husband are often seen eating out at restaurants. She also doesn’t have a noise pollution problem because she lives in the countryside.

Do you live in Valletta and you are going to work knackered because you couldn’t sleep at night? Stuff it, plebs. Alfred Żammit needs to make an extra couple of Euros so that he can have another holiday.

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