It’s not the war: it’s fraud

Minister of Finance. Clyde Caruana

After going out on an extensive spending spree, burning hundreds of millions of Euros on stupid projects, to appease contractors and friends of friends, and more millions to win the elections, the government has announced it will be trimming its expenditure to offset expenditure on fuel and energy subsidies.

Mind you, Enemalta is bankrupt because of the corrupt energy deals which Joseph Muscat signed as Prime Minister, the same deals which Robert Abela upholds and which Miriam Dalli covers up. Miriam Dalli is a close friend of Joseph Muscat. One of her closest allies is Kurt Farrugia who runs Malta Enterprise and was previously Muscat’s communications chief.  Kurt still supports Miriam’s ambitions for power. There is nothing they do which is transparent and in the public’s interest: it’s all self-interest, greed and opportunism.

The government knew that poverty was increasing in Malta, and while it was on its spending spree it also knew that at one point it needed to stop and introduce cutbacks. They lied to everyone because they have nothing to offer other than fraud and corruption, and that’s how they win.

You may think that €200 million is only the excessive administration expenses which we can do without. There’s more than €200 million, however, all of which comprise unproductive jobs. The problem we have is that the government doesn’t have any plans for economic growth, so eventually, Labour will have to borrow more prior to the elections and increase expenditure once again in order to save face. It’s an unsustainable cycle of debt and Robert Abela thinks he can make his term without suffering the economic consequences: I think the consequences will come earlier than he thinks.

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