Marisa Ciappara’s trail of corruption

Last week I wrote how the Labour Party is avoiding to pay its electricity bill and it does so by having the party’s financial controller, Marisa Ciappara, as the financial controller of ARMS, the entity to whom the money is owed.

However, Marisa Ciappara seems to have a history of corruption apart from being one of the directors of the failed BOV La Valette Funds.

Marisa Ciappara was also the financial controller of LESA and was also in charge when LESA revoked hundreds of fines to Labour ministers, MPs their aides and their friends.  Do you remember Christian Borg? The money-laundering fraudster who was friends with Robert Abela and did some insider dealing with him over a property in Zabbar? Marisa Ciappara seems to have ensured that Christian Borg is forgiven up to €3 million Euros of fines when she was at LESA.

When they tell you they respect the rule of law and that they want the “institutions to work”, remember that they are lying to you brazenly and unashamedly because they think you are stupid and that you don’t care, but eventually every single fraud crumbles.

It’s also impressive to me how the Institute of Chartered Accountants allows its members to run riot with corruption and fraud. There seems to be no respect in Malta for the accountancy profession: rent-seekers have it better.

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