Germany should not be allowed to drag Europe down with it

The Germans are currently on a mission to drag themselves into an abyss, and the problem is they want to drag all of Europe down with them. The Germans want Europe to bail them out by imposing a minimum of 15% gas reduction. The Spanish Minister of Energy, Teresa Ribera replied to the German proposal in the same way Germany replied to Greece during its financial crisis: “We did not live beyond our means.” Meanwhile, the German Foreign Minister, Annalena Baerbock threatened to cut off  Germany’s support to Ukraine if a gas turbine which was serviced by Siemens is not delivered to Russia. She cited an energy crisis and riots in Germany as the excuse for the result of this conclusion.

People defending Baerbock by saying her words should be taken into context and not literally as a threat are missing the point. Baerbock intentionally shows weakness to Russia as a friendly gesture to it while threatening the whole Western world. As a Foreign Minister she is supposed to know that even if in the worst-case scenario the statement is true, it would be a strategic blunder to say it. Only that it isn’t a strategic blunder. It’s malign and aligned with Germany’s appeasement of Russia.

The Germans have today, yet again announced they will be sticking to their position in closing down their last nuclear reactors. Just today it was revealed that previous German Chancellor and ex-Gazprom chairman, Gerhard Schröder is in Moscow. Today, it has also been announced that Gazprom reduced its gas flow to Germany.

There has never been in Europe since the Second World War such a more despicable show of self-interest and stupidity by the German government. The Germans are making it clear to everyone that they don’t want to be on the right side of history. Their support for Ukraine is a joke while they keep hoping that relations with Russia will eventually be normalised. Meanwhile, they are making a disaster out of their energy policy and dragging down all of Europe with it.

Germany may very well succeed in bringing Europe to its knees if a new German administration doesn’t come over and re-align Germany’s interests with the collective interests of European security and solidarity. Surely and definitely it is not in Europe’s interests if the despicable and fraudulent Baerbock becomes the next chancellor or the Greens take power.

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