Sooner or later, a fraud crumbles: Mafia State

Attorney-General to the Mafia, Victoria Buttigieg

As a rule, frauds are unsustainable. If you govern the country by fraud and fraud is the rule and prerequisite to your politics, the system will eventually crumble.

It is astonishing how quickly the emperor is getting undressed lately. These have been a very short two years of Robert Abela’s premiership as the fraudulent nature of his system is exposed with regular discoveries of shocking details of criminal cover-ups by the Attorney-General, Victoria Buttigieg.

At this stage, it is no longer a question of resignation, but a question of when will Victoria Buttigieg be investigated for her collusion with criminal organisations. This is why PN’s proposals on the rule of law were right: they were meant to prevent these exact same things from happening.

Angelo Gafa is in the same boat as Victoria Buttigieg. Gafa should explain many things to the public and cut his ridiculous excuse of “I can’t say anything about criminal investigations.” Gafa is not even investigating corruption and crime in high levels of politics so what is he refusing to speak about exactly? That he doesn’t want to investigate? It’s thanks to Times of Mata that we know of the great corrupt extent of Joseph’s Muscat’s corrupt dealings in the health sector. Had it not been Times of Malta, we would not have known. Thanks, Angelo Gafa, very good job.

Gafa’s tenure so far has been a disaster of incredible proportions having failed to arrest one single politician involved in a long list of crimes during Joseph Muscat’s administration. That’s the only thing I am going to list right now but there are other reasons.

And this is not just about having justice due to indignation. This is also about the corrupt culture in politics which has been renewed by Robert Abela. In material terms, this corrupt culture results in rampant corruption, fraud and incompetence in the governing of the country. It’s the same corrupt culture which enables a government to run our energy sector with ONE propagandists, renew corrupt contracts, and fork out millions of Euros in public subsidies in secret to Enemalta to avoid it going bankrupt while Electrogas, Socar and Shanghai Electric reap profits from the huge subsidies the government boasts of giving.

It’s a mafia state. And it’s unsustainable. It doesn’t mean that it’s going to collapse tomorrow, next week or next year. Frauds can live and exist for many years, but when it collapses it’s going to be a bigger crisis than 2019, for sure.

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