Dumb and dumber

If the Party Leader is a fraud and on top of that he is also dumb, the people around him will not be so bright either. His hardcore supporters in the party may also have his qualities.

We may have never had in history such an idiotic and insufferable Labour Youth in all of the Labour Party’s history.

This is Cressida Geala, a young Labour MP who was elected to Parliament thanks to the gender quota. Despite her young age, she relishes in the same conventional and fraudulent discourse of her own party. And that’s all she does. Being fraudulent and saying stupid things to defend the glorious party. Jaħasra.

She says that it wasn’t Labour’s fault that Malta got Grey Listed by the FATF. It was the Nationalist Party’s fault for not making enough laws and rules to prevent Labour’s total and rampant corruption.

“Tort tiegħek, ħi.”

Of course, she doesn’t have an opinion on abortion. Despite being a young woman, she has no opinion on women’s issues. Social change comes from people who really love their country and empathize with others, like Marlene Farrugia who had the balls to present a bill to decriminalise abortion. Labour doesn’t give a fuck about you. They are just idiotic imbeciles looking out for themselves.

Incredible is this total stupidity. Willful stupidity and fraud are not only idiotic but are also evil. These people are total frauds.

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